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Hidden AOL System Commands

The links provided below will only work through the America Online service. If you are a member of AOL, click on the link to start your AOL program or if online already the link will work automatically.

Hidden Item Description / Command
AOL's Most Wanted An inside AOL joke. Send the link to your picture trading friends to give them a scare.
DCH Labeled "Don't Click Here" or "DCH" for short this section has some funny stuff like "Ask Elvis" and the "Wierd Wide Web."
Election 2000
Gore loses! Election 2000 still lingers on this forgotten AOL link.
Forbidden Access
Returns a "You do not have access to this area" error message. Might be of use to someone wanting to appear to have access to a special AOL feature but your friends don't.
Hacker Gets Convicted The story of an AOL hacker who got caught. Story is from March 28, 1997 but still lingers on AOL for unknown reasons.
Proper Diskette Care Someone at AOL certainly has a sense of humor with this one. Send this link to your parents or an AOL newbie.
Rose This link will pop-up a yellow rose against a royal blue sky. Great for sending to friends in an IM or e-mail.
Smile4U A very famous AOL easter egg. Long since retired. Posted here so you won't keep looking for it. It used to pop-up a large smiley face.
Secret Soviet Archives Not exactly sure what this is but you can view an order from former Russian leader Lenin to hang 100 people.
Top Secrets Secrets that appear to have been left to collect dust on AOL. There's some really cool and old stuff here. Try the maze.

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