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MP3 Players

  • MP3.com - Software   RQdN Awarded Site
      All kinds of MP3 players ready for download. All are rated with online reviews. Players consist of demoware, shareware and freeware.

  • DailyMP3
      The top downloaded MP3 players ready for you to download. Updated daily.
  • Go!Zilla  [ Software ]
      Gather links to files that you want to download by simply dragging them from your favorite internet browser or with easy click and download integration. Now with download optimization, Go!Zilla will search out the fastest site to download from. Go!Zilla will even resume a failed download. Downloads can be started at any time. It can even be scheduled for a specific time and will automatically connect to the internet, download, disconnect and shut down your computer when it is done. What more could you ask for in an MP3 player? From Aureate Media.
  • iPod Nano  [ External Player ]
      The newest and smallest iPod. A mere 1.5 ounces, it can hold up to 1,000 songs.
  • MusicMatch Jukebox  [ Software ]
      As well as playing MP3 music, this player interactively suggests new music that matches your tastes and automatically displays cover art, artist bios and album notes while you listen to your favorite music.
  • Napster  [ Software ]
      An player that takes the hassle out of searching for MP3s. No more broken links, no more slow downloads, and no more busy, disorganized FTP sites. With Napster, you can locate and download your favorite music in MP3 format from one convenient, easy-to-use interface.
  • Real Player  [ Software ]
      An MP3 player that lets you arrange, search, play and record CD quality music on your PC or other MP3 players.
  • Sony Walkman Bean  [ External Player ]
      The shape of a bean that fits perfetly into your hand, complete with FM radio. Holds over 340 songs and has over 50 hours of play time.
  • UltraPlayer  [ Software ]
      This player is truely "ultra." It plays MP3, WMA, WAV, CD Audio, and streaming audio. Featuring deeply dynamic skins, Internet radio tuner, music search, ID3 tag editing, save to WAV, stream recording, visual and audio plugins, SmartAlarm, and much more!
  • Winamp  [ Software ]
      Hands down the leader in MP3 players. Now available FREE. Winamp is the ultimate high-fidelity music player. Winamp supports MP3, CD and other audio formats, more than 5,000 skins and 150 audio visualization and effect plug-ins. From Nullsoft.

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