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  • AbacusLaw Counsel's Choice Award
      Calendaring and case management software to help legal professionals organize all the information in their practice into one comprehensive computerized database. Calendaring, client and case information, court dates, conflict of interest checking, billable hours - every essential bit of data - can be precisely managed and linked to facilitate quick, easy, and accurate access. Time can be exported to Timeslips for ease of billing.

  • Amicus Attorney
      This software schedules appointments, manages to-do lists, keeps track of people, drafts documents, tracks your telephone calls and records billable time, individually or firm-wide. A 30 day free trial version is available upon request.
  • Case Master
      The case management software that is recognized for its flexibility, integration and customization capabilities. Its graphical interface is easy to use with point and click access. Drag-and-drop rescheduling of events helps make appointment and meeting changes quick and easy. Its e-mail intregration is a plus, allowing you to e-mail others in the office of meetings, appointments, etc. Intregrates with TABS III. A free demo version is available upon reguest.
  • CompuLaw
      This software works in conjuntion with court rules to help in your ease of calendaring specific events from start to finish.
  • Outlook (Microsoft)
      In addition to its calendaring features, this software's messaging and collaboration client helps you organize all your information and improve communication and collaboration across your law firm. A tour of its features is available online.
  • ProLaw
      This software can manage all of your matters, contacts and documents, as well as totally integrate your billing and accounting for both billable and contingent cases. Available for both large and small firms. This software also has a very impressive list of high end governmental clients.


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