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  • DOCS Open
      A document management solution that enables you to control, organize, access, and share vital information quickly, easily, and accurately. Word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, images, and e-mail messages can all be managed with this software. From Hummingbird Products.
  • iManage
      Features document profiling, sharing, publishing and management. Designed to scale to thousands of users per server and millions of objects per repository.
  • ISYS
      With its search and retrieval technology you can facilitate immediate satisfaction on information requirements. A simple query offers up results detailing every mention of the subject of interest regardless of the original file format. If someone has had a similar problem before, the result is there; if someone else in your firm has useful information on a new matter, you have that information in less than a second. Automated information delivery allows staff members to keep track of new data entering the knowledge base and the collaborative authoring allows everyone to contribute. From Odyssey Development.
      Features a customizable interface for document profiling, sharing, collaboration and management. Turn your unruly collection of word processing or other documents into a strategic asset. Document profiling and full text searching ensure that any document generated within your firm is available to all authorized users when and where its needed.


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