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  • Counsel's Choice Award
      Noteably the leader in the anti-virus industry as well as the maintenance and security of your computer system. Instead of being the next victim of a virus, get protection now and surf the Net and accept e-mail without worrying.
  • PGP Security (Pretty Good Privacy) Counsel's Choice Award
      The world's de facto standard for e-mail security, encryption and authentication. Send e-mail and attachments with confidence using this technology. PGP Security also offers software for firewall protection, intrusion detection and risk assessment.

  • BlackICE/NetworkICE
      This software combines intrusion detection with real-time blocking to detect, identify and block intruders before they can compromise your computer system. It's an added layer of protection on your system - not to replace the firewall but to stop intruders who manage to get past it.
  • HushMail
      A free secured e-mail service. Security is end-to-end. Your e-mail is encrypted before leaving your computer and it remains encrypted until after it arrives on the recipient's computer, where the contents are automatically decrypted. The encryption works automatically, transparently and seamlessly, requiring no specialized computer skills or knowledge. Encrypting a message is as simple as clicking a mouse. Decryption on the recipient's machine is done automatically within the email client.
  • iSend (Pitney Bowes)
      This service gives users the reliability and control of overnight document delivery with the speed and simplicity of electronic transmissions. With iSend, you can easily send files of any size or type to anyone with e-mail and a web browser. Complete with end-to-end tracking. A free 30 trial is available.
  • MessageLabs
      A managed and multi-layered anti-virus service, providing Internet-level managed e-mail security services. Its customers are protected from e-mail borne threats such as viruses, unsolicited and malicious mail, before they reach your network.
  • Norman Data Defense
      A leading company within the computer data security field. With products for virus control, personal firewall, encryption, risk analysis, data recovery, and certified data erasure. Also includes, latest virus warnings ranked by risk.
  • Norton (Symantic)
      This popular software provides various firewall, intrusion and anti-virus protections as well as content filtering.
  • PrivateExpress
      A service that was developed to link all of your law firm's personnel into a single trusted electronic network enabling you to manage, secure, reliably deliver and track information to all parties within the secured network. This service secures and monitors sensitive e-mail traffic that might otherwise be sent by regular e-mail.
  • Sophos Anti-Virus
      Software specifically designed to protect networks from viruses. Also includes, latest virus alerts and virus information.
  • Trend Micro
      Software to protect your web server. Also includes, virus advisories, encyclopedia, and latest virus threats.
  • Tumbleweed Messaging Management System
      For security that goes beyond the firewall and provides functionality that is specific to e-mail and Web traffic. Policies can be created to apply virus scanning, content control, access control, encryption, and digital signatures.
  • UPS Document Exchange
      Providing the electronic exchange of documents and files (up to 70 MB), monitor their digital delivery with instant receipt notification. Recall or cancel your e-Packages up until the time the receiver opens it. Protect your privacy via encryption and password-only access.


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