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  • Word (Microsoft) Counsel's Choice Award
      Provides tools for creating and sharing documents that anyone with a Web browser can view—making it easy for othes to collaborate online. A tour of its features is available online.
  • WordPerfect (Corel) Counsel's Choice Award
      Now intregrated with Dragon Natural Speaking for true speak and write capability. Part of the only legal specific office suite available.

  • Acrobat (Adobe)
      A reliable, efficient and effective way to share information electronically. This software lets you convert any document into an .pdf file, with its original appearance preserved, and then distribute it for viewing and printing on any system.
  • DictationNet
      This service replaces traditional premise-based recording and typing systems with a simple, fee-for-use, service contract. Audio is recorded over the phone or onto a hand held device and is routed securely via the internet through all stages of processing and e-mailed back you. $3.50 per page.
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking
      Use everyday speech to automate common tasks on your computer, customize and integrate applications, and turn your speech directly into text. Dictate a letter, draft an e-mail, and surf the web - all by voice commands and speech.
  • Interactive Voice Assistant (Wizzard)
      Once installed, a little character will appear on your computer screen and talk to you. Just slip your headset microphone on (included with software), and you can tell the assistant what to do in plain english. It's that simple! Send e-mail, dictate letters, get stock quotes, check the weather, and more. Works with all popular word processors and web browsers.
  • ViaVoice (IBM)
      Provides specific speech solutions and features such as seamless dictation, command, control, navigation, macro creators, bookmarks and voice analysis.
  • Word Pro (Lotus)
      Create reports, documents, and proposals in a snap with this software. You talk and Word Pro will type - with IBM ViaVoice. Switching word processors? Word Pro offers file compatibility with Lotus Ami Pro, Microsoft Word, and WordPerfect. Free 30 day evaluation.


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