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I.Q. Test
( Think you're so smart? Try our I.Q. Test )

       Directions for Use: Please follow these important yet simple steps (not part of the IQ Test, but if you fail this don't even consider taking the test).

    Step 1:  Retrieve the IQ Test file (25k download).

    Step 2:  Sit yourself in front of your computer, relax and clear your mind.

    Step 3:  Start the IQ Test program.

    Step 4:  There are four sections. You may complete them in any order.

    Step 5:  Once the IQ Test begins running, you have 20 minutes to complete the test (5 minutes per section, time does not carry forward).

    That's it!  Have fun!

Disclaimer: Re-QUEST dot Net™ is not responsible, in any way, for the use or misuse of the IQ Test. Your score may vary. User agrees to assume any and all risk, liability and damage and hold Re-QUEST dot Net™ harmless therefrom.

I agree. Let me have it.

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