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Optical Illusion
( Creepy and fun )

       Directions for Use: In order to experience the full effect of this illusion, please follow these important yet simple steps.

    Step 1. - Read the Disclaimer below, then retrieve the Optical Illusion file (22k).

    Step 2. - Sit yourself in front of your computer with your hand placed on your mouse as if ready to click.

    Step 3. - Start the Optical Illusion program.

    Step 4. - Once the Optical Illusion begins running, stare directly at the center of your screen (don't worry, you won't be hypnotized).

    Step 5. - Count to 25.

    Step 6. - Now, look at your hand on the mouse!

    That's it!  Have fun!

Disclaimer: Re-QUEST dot Net™ is not responsible, in any way, for the use of the Optical Illusion. User agrees to assume any and all risk, liability and damage and hold Re-QUEST dot Net™ harmless therefrom.

I agree. Let me have it.

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