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People v. Kobe Bryant
State of Colorado, Eagle County District Court Case No. 03CR204

  • Case Dismissed
      September 1, 2004. The case against Kobe Bryant was dismissed today as Eagle County District Attorney Mark Hurlbert told Judge Terry Ruckriegle that the alleged victim "did not want to testify or otherwise participate in the trial." The announcement comes as no surprise as legal analysts have predicted the case would be dismissed when the alleged victim filed her civil lawsuit against Bryant, sending a signal that future cooperation with prosecutors would be limited at best. District Attorney Mark Hurlbert faces re-election and his re-election campaign had to hide the announcement somewhere in time that would create the least amount of voter damage. Many analysts believed that the announcement would come last Friday, in order to bury it in weekend news. The day that Vice President Cheney accepts the Republican nomination for vice president and the day before George W. Bush accepts the nomination for president could very well hide the news of the Bryant case dimissal on page two of many newspapers and media outlets. With Eagle County and the State of Colorado having spent hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars on the case thus far and potential jurors having had their time wasted when the District Attorney knew, or had reason to know, that the case would be dismissed should cause Colorado residents to question both law enforcement's and the prosecution's handling of this case. The alleged victim's civil lawsuit is still pending against Bryant, but a six or seven figure settlement can surely be expected without an admission of liability or guilt on Bryant's part. Source: RQdN, Court Records, SI.com.
  • First Wave of Jury Selection for Bryant Case Begins
      August 27, 2004. "Potential jurors began arriving at the county courthouse Friday ... Many arrived by car, though one rode her bicycle up to the courthouse despite a chilly breeze and streets wet with overnight rain. Some appeared to know each other, chatting and laughing as they walked up the circular driveway. All are from Eagle County ..." Source: CourtTV.
  • Kobe's Accuser Receiving Special Treatment?
      July 30, 2004. After it was learned that Kobe's accuser has received almost $20,000 to date from various victim's funds far above the state cap of $1,125, her personal attorney, Mr. John Clune, said of the revelation that, "It's nothing more than tabloid accusations, which are filled with inaccurate information." However, court documents speak for themselves. The former president of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Larry Pozner, is quoted as saying that he has never seen compensation amounts so high. Further, "In an ordinary case this would be a bombshell," he said. "In this case so many bombshells have already hit this is only a grenade. But it's a pattern and the pattern is this woman has been given special treatment and nobody on the government side wants to talk about it." Source: RQdN, Court Records, CourtTV.
  • Accuser Had Money Motive to Lie
      July 29, 2004. "The money awarded to the woman for mental-health treatment and lost wages far exceeds normal disbursements from the state and has encouraged the 20-year-old to persist with a 'false allegation' .... In releasing the 15-page excerpt - focusing specifically on the victim's compensation discussion - the judge has begun complying with directions from the Colorado Supreme Court to make public any material from the hearing that he rules is admissible at trial ..." Source: Denver Post.
  • Plea Bargain Deadline Extended For Another Week
      July 23, 2004. After the Judge dealt a severe blow to the prosecution's case against Kobe Bryant by allowing defense attorney's to delve into the accuser's past sexual activities leading up to the alleged rape, the deadline for a pleas bargain was extended for another week. At this point, Kobe Bryant might just head to trial saying "Prove your case!" Source: RQdN, Court Records.
  • Judge Allows Accuser's Sex Life to be Introduced
      July 23, 2004. "In a huge victory for Kobe Bryant, the judge in the NBA starís sexual assault case ruled today that his accuserís sex life during the week of their encounter can be used against her at trial. District Judge Terry Ruckriegle said details of the womanís sexual activities in the three days before her July 1, 2003, hospital examination are relevant to help determine the cause of her injuries and the source of DNA evidence ..." Source: Denver Post, AP.
  • Accuser Feels Betrayed by System
      July 20, 2004. "The lawyer for Kobe Bryant's accuser claimed that she has considered dropping out of the sexual-assault case because mistakes by the court have caused a lack of faith in the judicial system. In a pretrial hearing Monday, attorney John Clune said the 20-year-old Eagle woman feels betrayed, not by Bryant's defense team or the media, but by the people she trusted most - the judges and the district attorney's office ..." Source: Denver Post.
  • Detective in Kobe Case Resigns
      March 2, 2004. "One of the detectives on the scene when Kobe Bryant was questioned last summer has resigned from the Eagle County Sheriff's Office ... Sources told the Daily that Rich was called into the sheriff's office last Wednesday for a brief meeting. Eagle County Sheriff Joe Hoy said Rich resigned. He had no further comment, saying it was a personnel matter ..." Source: Vail Daily.
  • Judge Upholds Rape-Shield Law
      June 10, 2004. "The Judge rejected Kobe Bryant's arguments that the state's rape-shield law is unconstitutional ... but noted that numerous witnesses have testified behind closed doors about the consensual sexual activities of the alleged victim before her encounter with Kobe Bryant last summer, ensuring that the defense has a chance to introduce that information as evidence ..." Source: Denver Post.
  • Judge Bars Use of Term 'Victim' at Kobe Bryant Trial
      June 1, 2004. "[J]udge Terry Ruckriegle said he agreed with Bryant's lawyers that the term implies guilt and should not be used at trial. He said she must be referred to by name ..." Source: ABC News, AP.
  • DNA Samples Sought From Alleged Victimís Former Lovers
      May 27, 2004. "[T]he defense, which believes they have found a bombshell, says DNA from semen found inside the 19-year-old woman after the alleged rape did not belong to Bryant. The defense wants to know who it came from ..." Source: ABC News.
  • Kobe Bryant Enters Not-Guilty Plea to Rape Charge
      March 12, 2004. "[T]he formal entry of a not-guilty plea marks a significant landmark in the 10-month-old case beset with lengthy legal wranglings of prosecutors and a particularly aggressive defense team ..." Source: Denver Post.
  • Bryant's Accuser Must Testify at Hearing
      March 11, 2004. "Rejecting a prosecution appeal, the Colorado Supreme Court cleared the way for Kobe Bryant's attorneys to ask the 19-year-old woman accusing him of rape detailed questions about her sexual past ... The defense is expected to ask the woman about previous sexual partners in hopes of backing up its claim that she had a 'scheme' to sleep with the Los Angeles Lakers star ..." Source: CNN.com.
  • Detective in Kobe Case Resigns
      March 2, 2004. "One of the detectives on the scene when Kobe Bryant was questioned last summer has resigned from the Eagle County Sheriff's Office ... Sources told the Daily that Rich was called into the sheriff's office last Wednesday for a brief meeting. Eagle County Sheriff Joe Hoy said Rich resigned. He had no further comment, saying it was a personnel matter ..." Source: Vail Daily.
  • Key Win for Defense Team
      March 1, 2004. "[J]udge orders prosecutors to turn over accuser's underwear ... A key two-day hearing opened with the defense repeatedly saying the underwear is exculpatory evidence that will prove their claim that the woman had sex with other men before or perhaps after her encounter with Bryant." Source: SI.com.
  • Investigator Was Named in Earlier Racial Profiling Suit
      August 1, 2003. "[T]he revelation that one of the lead investigators in the case was also a key figure in a racial profiling case could provide the defense with an argument that the investigation of Bryant, a prominent black athlete, was carried out unfairly, as the defense argued in the trial of O.J. Simpson ..." Source: ABC News.
  • Kobe's Accuser OK'd Contact, Not Sex
      July 30, 2003. "[T]here was some consensual sexual activity between Bryant and his accuser, but the woman says she did not consent to intercourse. She sustained some physical injuries, sources said, which Eagle County prosecutors are expected to argue are indicative of sexual assault ..." Source: ABC News.
  • OK Corral Revisited - High Noon is Coming!
      July 29, 2003. You can just hear the theme song from the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly playing in the background as Eagle County District Attorney, Mark Hurlbert, got word that his new hired gun, Ingrid Bakke, has agreed to mosey on into town. Bakke, a deputy district attorney in Boulder County, Colorado, will be on loan to Eagle County for one year. Bakke was originally hired from Jefferson County by Boulder as a Career Deputy D.A. in 2001 at an annual salary of $82,500 (35% above the normal entry level salary). In Jeffereson County, her crowning moment was achieved in obtaining a death penalty verdict against Francisco Martinez in the gang rape style attack and murder of a 14 year old honor student. Her time in Boulder County has been spent on some high profile cases including the trial of serial rapist Keith Schwinaman. Bakke is expected to be an asset to what some thought was an out-gunned prosecution team. Bakke's expertise comes in the zealous prosecution of many high profile sexual assault cases. She also sits on the Board of Colorado's Sex Offender Management Board. Together with Bakke's swift and aggressive gun, District Attorney Hurlbert also received the $100,000 he requested from the County for anticipated trial expenses, stopping short of giving him a blank check to prosecute the famous basketball star. Source: RQdN, ODVSOM, OBCC.
  • Officials: Bryant Accuser Was Hospitalized
      July 24, 2003. "Scrutiny of Kobe Bryant's accuser intensified Thursday as authorities said she had been hospitalized as a "danger to herself" four months before the alleged sexual assault ..." Source: AP, Kansas City Star.
  • Sheriff Defends Quick Arrest of Bryant
      July 24, 2003. "It's been made more than clear to [the Sheriff] that his decision is unpopular to many. Even some of his backers say they wish the new sheriff had acted differently ..." Source: Denver Post.
  • Radio Talk-Show Host Names Kobe Bryant's Accuser
      July 22, 2003. "[T]om Leykis, host of a radio talk-show based in Los Angeles and aimed mostly at young men, began using her name on the air and told Reuters that he has no plans to stop ..." Source: Reuters. *Leykis, as you may recall, was the first person to openly name the accuser in the Marv Alpert case.
  • Friends Asked to Stop Talking
      July 22, 2003. "Friends and family of Kobe Bryant's accuser have some advice for those continuing to talk to the national media swarming all over the story: Cut it out ..." Source: Vail Daily.
  • Alleged Victim 'Bragged' at Party
      July 22, 2003. "Bryantís accuser was in good mood days before charges filed, party host says ..." Source: MSNBC.
  • Bryant Accuser's Injuries 'Obvious'
      July 22, 2003. "The alleged victim in the Kobe Bryant sexual-assault case suffered obvious physical injuries that are still apparent three weeks after the incident ..." Source: Denver Post.
  • Kobe Web Outrage
      July 22, 2003. "Rape-victim advocates were outraged yesterday that Internet Web sites have identified the young woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by NBA superstar Kobe Bryant ..." Source: New York Post.
  • Kobe Can Keep His $$: Accuser
      July 21, 2003. "Kobe Bryant's accuser got 'sick' to her stomach watching the hoops superstar weepily deny on national TV that he raped her - and she doesn't want his money, just a jail sentence for him ..." Source: New York Post.
  • Accuser's Alleged Overdose May Be Barred From Court
      July 21, 2003. "A Colorado jury may never hear allegations that a woman allegedly sexually assaulted by basketball star Kobe Bryant overdosed two months before the alleged assault at a posh hotel and spa, lawyers said Monday ..." Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Denver Post.
  • Kobe Bryant Accuser Hospitalized for Drug OD a Month Earlier
      July 21, 2003. "Friends of the 19-year-old Colorado woman who accused basketball star Kobe Bryant of sexually assaulting her confirmed reports Sunday that the woman was recently hospitalized for a drug overdose ..." Source: Fox News.
  • Bryant's Accuser Had Dark Secret
      July 20, 2003. "[H]er close friends have been doggedly protecting a secret in the unnerving days since the 19-year-old woman accused Los Angeles Lakers All-Star Kobe Bryant of forcing her to have sex with him - a secret that Bryant's attorneys could use to undermine her credibility ..." Source: Orange County Register.
  • 'I think something went south in that room'
      July 20, 2003. "[T]he local jury has already returned a verdict in a trial that hasn't even begun ..." Source: Orange County Register.
  • Kobe Charged, Denies Assualt
      July 19, 2003. "Kobe Bryant clutched his wife's hand, pursed his lips and declared his innocence Friday, capping an afternoon in which Colorado authorities filed a felony sexual- assault charge that could put him in prison for life ..." Source: Orange County Register.
  • Felony Complaint as Filed Click to download the free Acrobat Reader
      July 18, 2003. "Count 1: Sexual Assault-Overcome Victim's Will ..." Source: Court Records.
  • Kobe Bryant Charged with Sexual Assault
      July 18, 2003. "Professional basketball star Kobe Bryant was charged Friday afternoon with sexual assault of a 19-year-old woman in a Colorado hotel where she worked ..." Source: CNN.
  • Accuser "Partys On"
      July 15, 2003. While attending a friend's party, Kobe's accuser is heard "bragging" about the incident (rather than condemning it) and is seen to be in a jovial mood. Source: MSNBC.
  • [Accuser] Upset by Media Reports
      July 14, 2003. "[A] friend of the alleged victim, says the young woman is upset over a media stakeout outside her home in Eagle, Colorado." Source: ABC News.
  • Police Say Bryant Escorted to Hospital
      July 10, 2003. "One of the investigators in the case involving Kobe Bryant said Wednesday the NBA star was taken to a hospital hours after he was accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old woman at a mountain resort ..." Source: ABC News.
  • Bryant Endures Trial by Public
      July 8, 2003. "[D]istrict Attorney Mark Hurlbert, who resembles Woody Harrelson with a big jaw, stood, in front of cameras Monday with Sheriff Joseph Hoy. They disclosed nothing. The purpose of their performance was to show solidarity, even though Hurlbert was blindsided by the sheriff's department's arrest of Bryant on July 4 ..." Source: Orange County Register.
  • Kobe Bryant Arrested in Sex Case
      July 7, 2003. "Basketball superstar Kobe Bryant turned himself in to Eagle County authorities after an arrest warrant was issued accusing him of felony sexual assault ..." Source: Denver Post.
  • Kobe's Arrest Made Public
      July 6, 2003. News of Kobe Bryant's arrest for sexual assualt travels around the globe. News agencies from around the world converge on the small town of Eagle, Colorado - population 3,700. Source: AP, Orange County Register.
  • Warrant Issued for Kobe's Arrest
      July 4, 2003. Newly elected Sheriff Joseph Duke Hoy of Eagle County, Colorado issues an arrest warrant for Kobe Bean Bryant. Kobe flies back to Colorado and turns himself in to answer the charges. Source: AP
  • Kobe Recovers From Knee Surgery
      July 2, 2003. Recovering from a successful knee surgery operation the day before, Kobe is contacted by the police and volunteers to give DNA evidence. He is then escorted to the hostiptal by police and after DNA samples are obtained he is released. Kobe leaves Colorado and returns home to California. Source: AP
  • Alleged Attack Reported to Police
      July 1, 2003. The accuser, after discussing it the next morning with her mother, is informed she was raped and files a sexual misconduct report with police regarding the incident. Kobe undergoes knee surgery at the Steadman Hawkins Clinic in Vail.
  • Alleged Attack Occurs - Ground Zero
      June 30, 2003. Kobe flies to Colorado in anticipation of a scheduled knee surgery operation on July 1st. Sometime around 10:00 P.M., Kobe arrives at the "Lodge and Spa at Cordillera" near Vail in Edwards, Colorado and is greeted at the front desk by his soon-to-be-accuser - a 19 year old college student and former high school cheerleader, who tried out unsuccessfully for the "American Idol" television show. Later, she agrees to show him around the Lodge and facilities. Sometime between 11:13 P.M. (when a call was logged in from Kobe's room to his wife) and 12:36 A.M. (when a pay-per-view show was ordered from the room) the alleged incident took place. According to her friends, Kobe invited his would-be-accuser to his room which she happily accepted. When the accuser decided it was time for her to leave, Kobe is alleged to have become aggitated and attacked her. After about 20 minutes, the accuser leaves Kobe's room, punches out on the time clock at work, makes the long drive home and goes to bed. Source: AP, MSNBC.
  • Accuser Attempts Suicide
      May 30, 2003. After a recent death of a friend and break-up with a boyfriend, the soon-to-be accuser of Kobe Bryant attempts suicide by taking an overdose of pills. Police and paramedics are summoned to the home and she was rushed to the hospital by ambulance for emergency medical treatment. Source: Orange County Register.
  • Accuser Hospitalized as a "Danger to Herself"
      February 25, 2003. University of Northern Colorado campus police received a call regarding a woman in a dormitory room. After an officer determined the soon-to-be accuser of Kobe Bryant was a "danger to herself" she was hospitalized. Campus police classified the matter as a mental health issue. Source: AP; Kansas City Star.

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