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    Jack Sprat Could Eat No Fat Nursery Rhyme
Jack Sprat Nursery Rhyme

Due to the always changing political climate in today's society, the following nursery rhyme:


Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean; And so, between them both, you see, they licked the platter clean.


has been changed to read:


Complications arose during a non-congressional investigation of dietary influence. One person of the male gender was unable to assimilate adipose tissue, and another person, of the female gender, was unable to consume tissue consisting chiefly of muscle fiber. A reciprocal arrangement between the two, who also happened to be a party of a domesticated alliance, allowed for the total consumption of the viands under consideration, which was unltimately achieved, thus, leaving the original container of the viands devoid of any contents.


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