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We have scoured the Internet to find free ringtones for your mobile phone. If you have tried searching yourself, then you know how many less than reputable websites are out there that promise free ringtones but then want to charge you a fee for membership or other such nonsense. We have included only the best websites for free ringtones. Each offers ringtones for a wide range of mobile phones, i.e. Nokia, Ericsson, Siemens, Panasonic, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Sharp, Alcatel, Sendo, Sanyo, Sagem, Philips, Okwap, Audiovox, Inventec and NEC, just to name a few. Some of the ringtones that are linked here contain polyphonic, midi, keypress and other forms. We hope you will find this page useful and recommend us to your friends.  :)

silent ringtone teen buzz

Teen Buzz: The newest ringtone fad among young cell phone users is "Teen Buzz", a ringtone that mimics the sound of a mosquito and can not be heard by most adults. Although devices that emit ultra high frequency sounds have been used to ward off insects for decades, it wasn't until adults began using the sounds, which are not heard by them, to curb teen loitering at local shopping malls that some tech saavy teens recorded their own high frequency tones and turned the tables on the adults, thus, making ringtones that adults can not hear. Teens are now free to receive calls and text messages outside the prying ears of adults. Get your free high frequency ringtone here: Teen Buzz or the original Mosquitotone.

silent ringtone teen buzz
  • Mr. Tones   RQdN Awarded Site
      A large variety of free ringtones for your mobile phone that are classified by Top 10 Artists, Classical, Pop, Rock, Dance, R&B, Jazz, Film & TV, Cartoons and more. Search for your favorite ringtone here. Free ringtones for your specific mobile phone brands can be found here such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, Panasonic, Motorola, Samsung, Sharp, Alcatel and more.

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      A variety of free ringtones and ringtone lyrics for download (hint: always look below the array of sponsored links at the top of each page to find the ringtones and lyrics). Also has a forum for ringtone collectors and buffs.
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      A small variety of free original mobile phone ringtones from
  • Pet Ringtones
      Barking dog, meowing cat, Fancy Feast ping, and more free ringtones. From Purina.
      Boasts the largest selection of free ringtones for download for many different wireless phones. Choose among the Top 20 downloads or try a search from the thousands of other free ringtones available for download. If your ringtone isn't found, you can request it. Cell phone tricks are also featured as well as how to convert your present ringtones to fit your new cell phone. Please Note: This website delivers its ringtones via pop-up windows. Be sure to that any pop-up blocking software that you may have is turned off before selecting your ringtone.
  • Surgery of Sound
      A variety of free ringtones to download from the U.K. as well as a variety of other links to free ringtones for your mobile phone.
  • Universal Ringtones
      A variety of free ringtones sorted by mobile phone manufacturer. free_ringtones_phones.asp

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